~ The joy of connection, the joy of knowing ~

1. You can feel the joy of connecting with the world,

2. share the differences in language, culture, and values,
3. and feel the pleasure of knowing things that
you can only know in this place.

We hold an international exchange event called Ohanasi Kagawa for free, with the desire to expand
such a place all over Japan and around the world.

However, a lot of money is needed to run the event, advertise, and build the system.
We want to ask for your help in creating the world's best place for people from Japan
and worldwide to interact with each other in a more secure environment.

The current total amount of donations (Since Sep 2020 ~)

Sep 2020 ~ Sep 2021
¥315,543 ($3155)

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What you can do with your donations.

¥2,000 ($20 USD) donation
We can hire a staff to operate
one event out of 12 events!
¥3,000 ($30 USD) donation
We can use your donation for the Remo event venue to hold
an event once!
(Around 100 people can join!)
¥5,000 ($50 USD) donation
We can hire two staff to operate one event out of 12 events!

¥10,000 ($100 USD) donation
We can hold events for a weekend by using the Remo platform! 
(Around 200 people can join!)
¥30,000 ($300 USD) donation
We can hold events for three weekends by using the Remo platform!
(Around 600 people can join!)
¥5,000 ($50 USD) donation
We can hire two staff to operate one event out of 12 events!

Our Feelings for Ohanasi Kagawa

For a world where people in Japan and around the world can connect as a matter of course,
to Japan and the world where young people can have hope for the future!

"There is no place where you can casually and safely interact with people from all over the world."
"There are no opportunities to use the language you are learning unless you go to study abroad."
"Young people have no hope for the future."

We want to solve these problems.
Through the Ohanasi Kagawa service, One II Seventy will create a place where people can connect in the world by building more bonds between Japan and the world that transcend national borders.

If only I had had more opportunities to interact with people from overseas when I was a student.
I would have taken an early interest in the world and see my life from a broader perspective.

The ultimate goal of the Ohanasi Kagawa service is to create a place where more people can look at Japan and the world and have more opportunities to expand their possibilities.
To achieve this, we need to create a place where young people, especially junior and senior high school students, can participate in international exchange safely, securely, and casually.

Your support will give us hope to create more opportunities for future young people to spread their wings and be active in Japan and the world. Thank you for your cooperation.


  • Q

    What type of payment is accepted?

    We normally are accepting donations via the Paypal page. Please make your payment by Paypal after you log in it.
  • Q

    I want to know how to use our donations.


    In terms of donations, let us use it for Ohanasi Kagawa event's operating costs, developing costs for safety. We will update you on what we've done with donations through the Facebook group for supporters.  

  • Q
    Can I get a refund?

    We cannot provide refunds. If you have any questions, please contact us through the contact page.