Step 1 
自分のイベント ID と 現在のイベント参加者数をチェック
Check your event ID and the current number of participants

◯ → 参加可能/ Be able to join
△ → 未確定/ Pending
× → 参加不可/Not be able to join
It will be confirmed 24 hours before the event. 

You can check the current number of participants and situation and determine wheter you can join or not. 

Participants who will be able to join the event will be confirmed 24 hours before the event. 
Until then, if there is an ID next to your one, it's likely that you will be able to join the event, but it might be changed due to cancellations. 
Thank you for understanding!

If the event that you applied to is full, let's check events at another time zone!

Step 2 
If you are able to join the event, you will receive
the password for the event.

When you are confirmed to join the event, you will receive an email with the password for the event.



1. 迷惑メールフォルダに入っている可能性が高いです!確認をお願い致します。
2. それでも見つからない場合は下のボタンからスタッフにお問い合わせ下さい!

"When you can't find an email with the password for the event"

Even though you can see ◯ next to your ID in the ID sheet, you haven't received an email with the password, 

1. it's likely that our email is in your junk email mailbox, so please check it! 
2. If you can't find the email although you were checking your junk email box, please contact us via the button below. 

Step 3
Go to the event venue page by entering the password you've received

Join the Event をクリックしてパスワードを入力するとイベント会場ページに飛びます。
When you click on the Join the event and enter the password, you can move to the event page.

If you have anything you don't know, please feel free to contact us!

キャンセルしたい時は?/ If you want to cancel the event?

This form is for people who have submitted a participation form for our event and would like to cancel it.

このフォームは、Ohanasi Kagawaのイベントに参加予定の方で、キャンセルをしたい方向けのフォームです。

If you are worried to use Remo for the first time

Let's learn how to use Remo! 

If you click on the button below, you can move to the page to learn how to use Remo.

Information for Japanese learners!! (日本語学習者のための情報)

Let's take a JP proficiency test!


Let's take a free Japanese proficiency test and see your current Japanese levels before you join the event !!

We, Ohanasi Japanese Language School, are offering a free Japanese proficiency test made by Sora, an expert Japanese teacher! You will be able to know your current Japanese levels and what you need to study in Japanese. Also, if you are interested in our Japanese Language School, we are accepting free counseling and a trial lesson. Click the button below and take the test!
Fantastic learning Kanji App

Kanji drop is available!

Kanji Drop is the easiest way to learn Japanese!

Make learning Japanese kanji the most fun part of learning Japanese!

Kanji blocks fall and you line them up to make words and other kanji! Fun for all skill levels.

Kagawa prefecture in Japan

What is Kagawa prefecture in Japan?

Kagawa prefecture is located on the island of Shikoku. Kagawa prefecture is the smallest prefecture in Japan and is really well-known for Udon noodle! Ohanasi Kagawa was born in Kagawa prefecture. We would like you to know the great parts about Kagawa prefecture in Japan through Ohanasi Kagawa.